Canada's HOTTEST rock festival


Can Children Attend?

Yes, this is an all ages event, drinking and smoking will have designated areas for adults to enjoy their habits responsibly.

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Can I bring My Dog?

Unfortunately because of liability and a number of other reasons pets are prohibited in the park. PLEASE do not leave your pets locked in your vehicles while you are at the festival, leave them at home or if your hotel/motel permits leave them there.

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Is there reserved seating?

There isn’t any seating, please bring a folding chair or a blanket or feel free to pull up a piece of nicely manicured grass, it is a baseball park and will be comfortable no matter what you choose to sit on. There are bleachers in the old beer garden area that have an incredible view […]

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Can I smoke marijuana?

Even though this event is branded CannaFest marijuana still remains a controlled substance in Canada, as adults you need to use your common sense. There will be a designated smoking area that has been a complete success the last 3 CannaFest’s

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Can I bring my own liquor?

NO! If anybody is caught with liquor in the event they will be asked to pour it out immediately, all bags and coolers will be subject to inspection at the main gates upon entry.

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Will there be a beer garden?

Yes, we are working on our 2017 liquor license now and hopefully we will have extended hours and allow folding chairs for the 2017 festival We will definitely have a second serving area to try eliminate the LONG lineups you experienced this year.

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Where are tickets available?

Early bird tickets are available now. Please remember when buying from a local ticket re-seller they will accept CASH ONLY! Grand Forks The Source 334 Market Ave (250) 442-8883 Vicom Design Jogas Coffee Shop Castlegar Wests Travel Home Hardware Vancouver BCPS, 2908 Commercial Drive CannaFest Music Festival Ltd, 2916 Commercial Drive

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