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CcnnaFest vendors

CcnnaFest vendors

Non-food Vendors

  • Applications are now being accepted for CannaFest 2017, get yours in now to ensure your spot at the 2017 main event.

Food Vendors

CannaFest 2017 is currently putting together an application for FOOD vendors, once we have approved a vendor it will be listed here. Watch for some of your favorite CannaFest food vendors from previous years to return for CannaFest 2017

If you wish to fill out a vendor application please see the link below and get your space reserved asap, vendor applications will be reviewed as they arrive and space will be assigned accordingly as long as there are no conflicts with other vendors. This page will be updated as necessary and just because you don’t see a product line listed here doesn’t mean it isn’t available, some applications may have not been processed yet.